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The most important benefits of green apple

Apples in the ancient medicine had a major role in treatment, the Greeks were being treated 
Intestinal diseases withe apple juice, and others were treated its wounds and ulcers, and were using
Of apple powder and mixed with mother's milk treatment for conjunctivitis, rheumatism, and by the apple juice cooked treated epilepsy "healthy food wikipedia"..

Benefits of green apple "healthy food wikipedia".

 1-strengthens the brain, heart, stomach and easy to digest and is useful in the treatment of joint diseases.
 2-Enters in the composition of some medical drugs and goes breathlessness.
 3-Active intestines and fighting chronic constipation and diarrhea in children in difficulty.
4-According to the kidneys, ureters and bladder stones, as the solvent for the stones.

 Soak apples and drinks "healthy food wikipedia".

1. relieves pain and fever and activates the liver and calm the cough.
2. phlegm out and found the body of acids and fat.
3. facilitates secretion of saliva and intestinal glands and stimulates the heart.
4. removes fatigue and saves the teeth against decay And reduces irritation of neuropathic pain.

 Complete Pharmacy apple "healthy food wikipedia".
  Apple is very useful for women
1. keeps their skin.
2. The renewed activism.

 What are the benefits of apples "healthy food wikipedia".

There is an old saying about apples told Next
"If you eat the apple before your sleep .. The doctor will not find work."
And that the benefits of multi-apples, apple is an important source of ridding the body of toxins ..
Juice kills the virus in the body "healthy food wikipedia".
In a recent study of the world, "Rio Hai Yi - Riu Hai Liu" University "Cornell" Concluded that despite the fact that the apple has a small amount Vitamin C, eat 100 grams of potatoes extend the human body the same The effectiveness of antioxidants which are obtained by eating 1,500 mg of the vitamin "healthy food wikipedia".

Take care not to eat a large amount of apple seeds because they cause poisoning

apple advantages "healthy food wikipedia".
1. Wash your teeth and strengthens the gums.
2. reduce cholesterol levels in the human body.
3. rid the body of toxins, and apples have a characteristic of attacking the virus.
4. Apples protect against constipated human infection as it helps in digestion.
5. contain the fruit of the Big Apple on 30% of the total fiber, Hoalhd minimum daily rate required by the human body.

 uses apples "healthy food wikipedia"
- People suffering from gout or rheumatism, they Bamadaomh to eat apples because they help in the treatment of pathological cases.
- Tmrty eating an apple a day reduces cholesterol in the blood up to 10%.
- Apple Juice Drink three times daily prevents the virus from entering the human body.
- Recommended for people suffering from disorders of the digestive system take before meals.
- Mix grated apple with yogurt be adjunctive therapy for diarrhea.
- Guiding boards with apples
- Do not buy unless the rigid apple and tested press your finger on the pressure inside fruit If left no sign of purchased fruit ..
- When buying apples are stored in the refrigerator until not used to expose the damage quickly.
- To prevent the brown color of the interior to be at the cutting apple, you paint the place the pieces with the juice of a lemon with water.
- Canadian research has shown that red apples the best types of apples to contain the rind of the fruit and the external containment of the fruit itself from the inside on how much antioxidant that fight against disease .

Green apple juice has many health benefits "healthy food wikipedia"
In fact, green apple juice has health benefits examined by experts And looking at the reasons why green apple juice drink best ever in terms of health.

First: - green apple juice helps to burn fat "healthy food wikipedia"
Green apple juice helps speed up metabolism because its anti helps the liver to function more efficiently.
A new US study conducted on obese men drink three times a day discovered juice burn an extra 600 calories per day
There are also people who drink juice that energy has to increase substantially
In addition, green apple juice reduces the level of sugar in the blood, which is responsible for the storage of glucose as fat,
Therefore, to reduce the sugar content also decreases the level of lipids stored in the body.

Secondly: - green apple juice that protects the heart of the disease "healthy food wikipedia".
Studies have shown that it lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood, because the effects of the antioxidant prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol (DDT) arteries
Blood clots form is naturally the main cause of heart attacks and strokes.
Green apple juice showed that prevent blood clots is natural
And has the same efficacy of aspirin in this area should be noted that aspirin has anti-clot effects differ green apple juice, so if you take small doses of aspirin to prevent heart attack or stroke, then you should continue to do so even if you drink green apple juice
In addition, studies have also shown to increase levels of HDL cholesterol beneficial
This helps to remove plaque on artery walls.

Third: - helps to lower blood pressure "healthy food wikipedia"
The reason for high blood pressure to an enzyme secreted by the college and called (ACE) and the operating pressure lowering drugs to prevent the secretion of the enzyme, so that blood pressure could be reduced by disrupting the work of the 'enzyme.
As for the green apple juice is a natural enzyme disabled
Many studies have shown that blood pressure decreased in animals and humans after giving green apple juice products.


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