Wednesday, 18 January 2017

What that tells you your nails?

Did you know that fingernails give clues on the overall health of the body? Where we sometimes observe white nails, and other red perhaps, as there are sometimes problems in nail structure and the outer shape of cracks and fractures, all of this may be indicating the potential for the presence of certain diseases, and this is what you will learn about it in this article.

1. fingernails pale disorders
Pale nails may be a sign of the presence of some of the important health problems such as anemia, and heart failure, liver disease and malnutrition.

2. white nail disorders
Nails that changes color to white in full could be a sign of some liver problems such as hepatitis, and in this case we can observe that they be accompanied by Bosferrar (jaundice) in the skin of the fingers.

3. Yellow nails
Of the most common causes of yellow nails common is fungal infection, as it is to aggravate the situation and its evolution deteriorate victorious where it becomes thicker, and there are some rare cases where the yellow in color indicative of the occurrence of dangerous diseases such as thyroid and lung disease and diabetes, and psoriasis .

4. nails blue
blue nails indicates that there is a shortage of oxygen to connecting fingertips carried in hemoglobin within the minute, and blood vessels may indicate a lack of oxygen and the presence of certain diseases such as respiratory infections and pulmonary inflammation or some heart problems.

5. dotted nails
The existence points to dig a little on the victorious may be an early sign of psoriasis or arthritis.

6. Broken nails
Dry nails breakable and that look is often broken by cracks and is sometimes associated with thyroid disease, while cracks associated Yellow color in the nails are more common in the fungal infection.

7. inflammation of the nail folds
Sometimes it happens to the skin surrounding nails called folds victorious that becomes inflamed and bulging and redness happen to him, this may be due to some diseases affecting the tissues of the body at the bottom of the skin area, where immune reactions occur causing cell destruction and inflammation.

And finally .. Caution is necessary and a duty, that these marks in the nails is not the only thing in the diagnosis, and in many cases, these signs do not show the first signs of the disease, so nothing to worry panic or anxiety exaggerated, since all these signs utilized including in the context of the general condition of the patient and the health history and risk factors show them. And do not forget that the first specialist worth consulted in the case of any concern about the state of the nails is owned by a dermatologist.


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