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natural ways Dandruff cure at home

Are you bothering you peel your head? And feel embarrassed by the white crust? Of course, the crust often affect the external appearance and reduce your self-confidence and beauty of your hair, but each disease medicine as dandruff treatment here is very simple, just read and then begin to implement the steps that we will post them to you and you will get a satisfactory result and effective.

Dandruff  is a medical condition is not contagious treatment ranges between regular shampoos hair, and some toners, but the basic problem is the embarrassment caused by the presence of the crust.

Symptoms of dandruff include hair crust: the existence of a white crust spread in the scalp, and on the shoulders. Itching. Increasing the crust in the winter, and fall, and less with the beginning of summer.
There are many Causes of dandruff divided because of certain illnesses, and there are reasons not illness because of some bad habits:
1-Non reasons illnesses: 
Dry skin:
 The dry skin is the most common occurrence of dandruff causes, especially in cold weather during the winter . 
Greasy hair:
 as seborrheic dermatitis makes the skin red in color and covered with white scales.
 Not washing hair:
 leads to the accumulation of oils on the skin and thus made up the crust. 
A diet lacking zinc and vitamin B makes you more susceptible to hair crust. Wash hair with hot water in the shower. 
Pathological reasons:
The incidence of the lead to the formation of crust on the scalp. Psoriasis, a skin disease leads to the accumulation of dead skin and the formation of a thick peel. Yeast fungus is a type of fungi that form on the scalp and cause skin irritation and the appearance of dandruff
 The sensitivity of the person from some of the components of shampoo or hair creams lead to itchy scalp and therefore dandruff
Male hormones: studies shown that male hormones lead to dandruff and thus observe injured men clad hair more than women. 
7 tips to get rid of dandruff 
moisturise your hair well,that's will  reduces the chances of injury veneer hair.
Change your shampoo, and the selection of anti-crust types. 
Changing interest in your hair routine, and away from bad hair products.
Wash your hair well after a shower to get rid of the remnants of shampoo. 
When washing your hair care rubbing the scalp with your fingers to make sure to get rid of dandruff. The use of natural recipes to get rid of dandruff
The treatment of pathological causes for the emergence of the crust.
Lemon juice cures dandruff 
lemon juice works to get rid of the crust, place the Amontan juice on your hair, your scalp and rub well, then leave the lemon on your head for half an hour.


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