Eating disorders .. types, causes and treatmen

modern medical studies recommended that careful eating disorders patients in general practice, and to get rid of any psychological pressure, on the one hand, and to ensure the safety and health of the body, on the other hand

The most important benefits of green apple

There is an old saying about apples told Next "If you eat the apple before your sleep .. The doctor will not find work."

family health

If you have chosen to improve the eating habits of your family because you want to be healthier, or are forced to make changes due to medical conditions or problems, I want to share with you some simple tips that were most useful for our family

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Eating Disorders in Children

How to deal with a lack of appetite in children


Friday, 20 October 2017

Cracking lips and their causes

Crack Lips

Many people the problem of lip cracking resulting from exposure to cold, loss of moisture, which
leads to drying the suffering, causing inconvenience to them, forcing them to seek solutions in different ways to get rid of this problem, which is usually temporary, and in this article we will focus on Causes of cracked lips, their symptoms and treatment methods.

Causes of Lip Cracking

  1. Infection of fungal infections and parasite spread, especially in winter.
  2.  Exposure to dry air, and neglect of hydration. Licking the lips for a long time, leading to remove thin skin from them. Eat hot and savory foods that affect the skin of the lips and split it.
  3.  Eat small amounts of water.
  4.  Non-secretion of the glands in the mouth of the saliva needed to moisten the lips.
  5.  Excessive constant exposure to heat and then to cold. General weakness and weakness, especially during pregnancy. Anemia, lack of essential vitamins in the body, such as vitamins C, D and B. Renal impairment. Take medications, such as lithium-containing medications, vitamin A, and chemotherapy drugs.

Signs of fissure of the lips

Removing thin skin covering the lips, shrinking. Simple lesions and ulcers occur when the skin is removed, resulting in mild bleeding. Lips swollen. Red lips. Feeling of acute pain. Irritation of the lips.

Treatments for cracks for the lips

  • Peeling: Peeling the lips to get rid of accumulated skin once a week, using a toothbrush with warm water, then leave the lips, and massage with sugar mixed with circular movements of oil, olive.
  • Nutritional therapy: it is eating healthy foods, rich in many important nutrients for the body, metal, fibers, proteins, vitamins, iron and others.
  • Moisturizing treatment: A lip gloss is applied daily before bed with lip balm, coconut oil or petroleum jelly.
  • Treatment with drinking water: A sufficient amount of water is taken daily, which is equivalent to eight cups per day.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Nasal congestion

what is Nasal congestion?

Nasal congestion is a very common problem and really causes many people suffering from it. The
problem is that when you breathe your nose, you have to breathe well ...

What is the purpose of the nose?
Breathing of course! Imagine that you breathe 20000 liters of air every day, a lot of inspiration and exhalation. So when the nose is tight, this basic reflex becomes tired.
The nose also plays the role of a filter, moisturizing and heating the air we breathe before entering the lower respiratory tract. This role is essential for reducing pressures on climate.
The nose plays a key role in the sense of smell.

what doctor saying ?
The doctor will examine you, after asking many questions, and will see clearly inside your nose and sinuses, which will allow him to find any distortion.
Problems that cause nasal congestion may result from the mucous membrane or from a deformation of the nose that prevents the natural flow of air.

When the mucous is irritated by smoke, dust, or allergies to the floral vaccine, the first effect will be sneezing. That's why your nose will start to run. The cause is usually gastrointestinal rhinitis. This is what happens when you get cold.
However, it can be chronic (more than 3 months).

For reasons of "engineering"
Is a deformity of the nasal or nasal bone or both. These abnormalities may be congenital or caused by trauma. This deformity can be corrected by nasal septal surgery.

the cure
Treatments vary for different reasons: when the cause is inflammation, treatment is usually with drugs. When the cause is geometrical, it is surgery.

When is a serious nasal congestion?
At the newborn
The nasal congestion is annoying, but it is not serious, except in children under three months of age, because they can not breathe through the mouth. If the newborn's nose is suffocated, it may suffocate. It is therefore necessary to consult a doctor immediately if the newborn suffers from nasal congestion.

Friday, 14 April 2017

middle ear infection

what is middle ear infection

middle ear infection is one of the most common infections after colds, especially among children. It is necessary to treat this inflammation quickly so as not to cause serious complications at the hearing level in the child. So you need to know the cause of this inflammation and its complications, as well as ways to prevent it.

Cause of infection

middle ear infection results in bacterial or viral infection, followed by sore throat, colds or any respiratory disturbances. The bacteria in the throat and nose area are transferred to the ear where they multiply and cause inflammation. All people are exposed to this type of inflammation, but children are more exposed because the channel between the nose, throat and ear is the shortest leading to the accumulation of secretions.

Complications of infection

The delay in giving treatment, especially to the child, can lead to many complications, including affecting the ability of the child to hear, because the fluid that accumulates in the middle ear prevents the transmission of sounds. Delayed hearing can lead to delays in conversational ability and language learning. If it is neglected more, inflammation can lead to total deafness.


There are some things you can do to avoid middle ear infections, including avoiding flu and sore throat by protecting your child from smoking and avoiding breastfeeding as he lays on his back. Protect your child as much as possible from the cold so as not to get respiratory diseases.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


What is sinusitis and how does it affect a person?

Today we through this article from the site of my health we will give you information about this annoying disease.

Symptoms of sinusitis

Symptoms of sinusitis Sinus secretion of yellow or green substance or sensation in the back of the throat. Nose obstruction or congestion is a symptom of sinusitis which makes breathing through the nose difficult. The patient feels pain and swelling in the vicinity of the eyes, cheeks, nose or front, according to the infected pocket. The patient's sense of smell and taste decreases as he may suffer from pain in the ears.

Sinus sufferers suffer from pain in the upper jaw or teeth and may experience coughs that may get worse at night and are usually accompanied by phlegm with sore throat and foul odor in the mouth. Sinusitis feels general fatigue or trouble with redness of the nose and cheeks with high temperature and nausea.

Causes of sinusitis

The most prominent causes behind sinusitis include cold and flu. In most cases, the person is exposed to cold or similar diseases, causing a change in the nasal cavities lining it. Inflammation of the teeth also causes sinusitis. Infection and infection can spread to the sinuses of the sinuses, as well as fungal infections.

Treatment of sinusitis

One of the many treatments that exist for sinusitis first mention the importance of comfort to the patient in order to strengthen the immune system in addition to drinking fluids, including water and juice and mucus secretions and facilitate the exit and also avoid soft drinks containing caffeine and alcohol.

It is necessary to moisten the sinuses by inhaling steam from a container in which hot water vapor helps to relieve the pain and mucus secretions mucus. It is useful to put warm compresses on the face or around the nose, cheeks and eyes in order to relieve the pain. Wash the nose or so-called rinse and use equipment dedicated to clean the sinuses.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

natural ways Dandruff cure at home

Are you bothering you peel your head? And feel embarrassed by the white crust? Of course, the crust often affect the external appearance and reduce your self-confidence and beauty of your hair, but each disease medicine as dandruff treatment here is very simple, just read and then begin to implement the steps that we will post them to you and you will get a satisfactory result and effective.

Dandruff  is a medical condition is not contagious treatment ranges between regular shampoos hair, and some toners, but the basic problem is the embarrassment caused by the presence of the crust.

Symptoms of dandruff include hair crust: the existence of a white crust spread in the scalp, and on the shoulders. Itching. Increasing the crust in the winter, and fall, and less with the beginning of summer.
There are many Causes of dandruff divided because of certain illnesses, and there are reasons not illness because of some bad habits:
1-Non reasons illnesses: 
Dry skin:
 The dry skin is the most common occurrence of dandruff causes, especially in cold weather during the winter . 
Greasy hair:
 as seborrheic dermatitis makes the skin red in color and covered with white scales.
 Not washing hair:
 leads to the accumulation of oils on the skin and thus made up the crust. 
A diet lacking zinc and vitamin B makes you more susceptible to hair crust. Wash hair with hot water in the shower. 
Pathological reasons:
The incidence of the lead to the formation of crust on the scalp. Psoriasis, a skin disease leads to the accumulation of dead skin and the formation of a thick peel. Yeast fungus is a type of fungi that form on the scalp and cause skin irritation and the appearance of dandruff
 The sensitivity of the person from some of the components of shampoo or hair creams lead to itchy scalp and therefore dandruff
Male hormones: studies shown that male hormones lead to dandruff and thus observe injured men clad hair more than women. 
7 tips to get rid of dandruff 
moisturise your hair well,that's will  reduces the chances of injury veneer hair.
Change your shampoo, and the selection of anti-crust types. 
Changing interest in your hair routine, and away from bad hair products.
Wash your hair well after a shower to get rid of the remnants of shampoo. 
When washing your hair care rubbing the scalp with your fingers to make sure to get rid of dandruff. The use of natural recipes to get rid of dandruff
The treatment of pathological causes for the emergence of the crust.
Lemon juice cures dandruff 
lemon juice works to get rid of the crust, place the Amontan juice on your hair, your scalp and rub well, then leave the lemon on your head for half an hour.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

amazing Health benefits of turmeric .. and wonderful impact on the health of the body and the mind

Turmeric is used in many of the recipes because of its good taste, but in addition to that, there are many benefits of turmeric identified by us through this article.
 Of the most important benefits of turmeric he helps in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease because it contains properties help to reduce intestinal inflammation and reduce gastric ulcer. It
contains properties antiseptic and antibacterial and is used in the healing of wounds and burns,
and so multiple health benefits of turmeric. When using it with flowers broccoli helps on the prevention of prostate cancer and help reduce the growth of cancer cells.
Turmeric contain anti-cancer properties helps to prevent and reduce the spread of breast cancer and skin and childhood leukemia. It helps maintain liver health and the prevention of liver cirrhosis because Turmeric helps the liver to produce more of the enzymes that help to purify the blood, which in turn helps to improve liver function.
 It helps in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis because it contains anti-inflammatory properties and contains antioxidants as well.
 It helps in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease because it prevents the production of IL-2 protein that works to destroy the ocean cover the brain and nerve cells.
 The turmeric as a powerful antibiotic and anti-inflammatory without any side effects to him. It helps to regulate the metabolism during follow diets for weight reduction and therefore is useful for weight loss. It helps to accelerate the speed of wound healing.

It helps to improve and regulate the digestive process and overcome digestive problems. It helps reduce the proportion of harmful cholesterol in the blood and thus prevents the risk of heart disease and blood vessels.
 Nutritional values ​​per 100 grams of turmeric 354 calories. 25 mg of vitamin C. 3 mg of vitamin E. 13 mg vitamin K. 38 mg sodium. 183 mg calcium. 41 mg iron. 193 mg magnesium. 7 mg Mnjanez. 268 mg phosphorus. 4.3 mg zinc.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

What that tells you your nails?

Did you know that fingernails give clues on the overall health of the body? Where we sometimes observe white nails, and other red perhaps, as there are sometimes problems in nail structure and the outer shape of cracks and fractures, all of this may be indicating the potential for the presence of certain diseases, and this is what you will learn about it in this article.

1. fingernails pale disorders
Pale nails may be a sign of the presence of some of the important health problems such as anemia, and heart failure, liver disease and malnutrition.

2. white nail disorders
Nails that changes color to white in full could be a sign of some liver problems such as hepatitis, and in this case we can observe that they be accompanied by Bosferrar (jaundice) in the skin of the fingers.

3. Yellow nails
Of the most common causes of yellow nails common is fungal infection, as it is to aggravate the situation and its evolution deteriorate victorious where it becomes thicker, and there are some rare cases where the yellow in color indicative of the occurrence of dangerous diseases such as thyroid and lung disease and diabetes, and psoriasis .

4. nails blue
blue nails indicates that there is a shortage of oxygen to connecting fingertips carried in hemoglobin within the minute, and blood vessels may indicate a lack of oxygen and the presence of certain diseases such as respiratory infections and pulmonary inflammation or some heart problems.

5. dotted nails
The existence points to dig a little on the victorious may be an early sign of psoriasis or arthritis.

6. Broken nails
Dry nails breakable and that look is often broken by cracks and is sometimes associated with thyroid disease, while cracks associated Yellow color in the nails are more common in the fungal infection.

7. inflammation of the nail folds
Sometimes it happens to the skin surrounding nails called folds victorious that becomes inflamed and bulging and redness happen to him, this may be due to some diseases affecting the tissues of the body at the bottom of the skin area, where immune reactions occur causing cell destruction and inflammation.

And finally .. Caution is necessary and a duty, that these marks in the nails is not the only thing in the diagnosis, and in many cases, these signs do not show the first signs of the disease, so nothing to worry panic or anxiety exaggerated, since all these signs utilized including in the context of the general condition of the patient and the health history and risk factors show them. And do not forget that the first specialist worth consulted in the case of any concern about the state of the nails is owned by a dermatologist.