Wednesday, 25 January 2017

amazing Health benefits of turmeric .. and wonderful impact on the health of the body and the mind

Turmeric is used in many of the recipes because of its good taste, but in addition to that, there are many benefits of turmeric identified by us through this article.
 Of the most important benefits of turmeric he helps in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease because it contains properties help to reduce intestinal inflammation and reduce gastric ulcer. It
contains properties antiseptic and antibacterial and is used in the healing of wounds and burns,
and so multiple health benefits of turmeric. When using it with flowers broccoli helps on the prevention of prostate cancer and help reduce the growth of cancer cells.
Turmeric contain anti-cancer properties helps to prevent and reduce the spread of breast cancer and skin and childhood leukemia. It helps maintain liver health and the prevention of liver cirrhosis because Turmeric helps the liver to produce more of the enzymes that help to purify the blood, which in turn helps to improve liver function.
 It helps in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis because it contains anti-inflammatory properties and contains antioxidants as well.
 It helps in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease because it prevents the production of IL-2 protein that works to destroy the ocean cover the brain and nerve cells.
 The turmeric as a powerful antibiotic and anti-inflammatory without any side effects to him. It helps to regulate the metabolism during follow diets for weight reduction and therefore is useful for weight loss. It helps to accelerate the speed of wound healing.

It helps to improve and regulate the digestive process and overcome digestive problems. It helps reduce the proportion of harmful cholesterol in the blood and thus prevents the risk of heart disease and blood vessels.
 Nutritional values ​​per 100 grams of turmeric 354 calories. 25 mg of vitamin C. 3 mg of vitamin E. 13 mg vitamin K. 38 mg sodium. 183 mg calcium. 41 mg iron. 193 mg magnesium. 7 mg Mnjanez. 268 mg phosphorus. 4.3 mg zinc.


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