Friday, 20 October 2017

Cracking lips and their causes

Crack Lips

Many people the problem of lip cracking resulting from exposure to cold, loss of moisture, which
leads to drying the suffering, causing inconvenience to them, forcing them to seek solutions in different ways to get rid of this problem, which is usually temporary, and in this article we will focus on Causes of cracked lips, their symptoms and treatment methods.

Causes of Lip Cracking

  1. Infection of fungal infections and parasite spread, especially in winter.
  2.  Exposure to dry air, and neglect of hydration. Licking the lips for a long time, leading to remove thin skin from them. Eat hot and savory foods that affect the skin of the lips and split it.
  3.  Eat small amounts of water.
  4.  Non-secretion of the glands in the mouth of the saliva needed to moisten the lips.
  5.  Excessive constant exposure to heat and then to cold. General weakness and weakness, especially during pregnancy. Anemia, lack of essential vitamins in the body, such as vitamins C, D and B. Renal impairment. Take medications, such as lithium-containing medications, vitamin A, and chemotherapy drugs.

Signs of fissure of the lips

Removing thin skin covering the lips, shrinking. Simple lesions and ulcers occur when the skin is removed, resulting in mild bleeding. Lips swollen. Red lips. Feeling of acute pain. Irritation of the lips.

Treatments for cracks for the lips

  • Peeling: Peeling the lips to get rid of accumulated skin once a week, using a toothbrush with warm water, then leave the lips, and massage with sugar mixed with circular movements of oil, olive.
  • Nutritional therapy: it is eating healthy foods, rich in many important nutrients for the body, metal, fibers, proteins, vitamins, iron and others.
  • Moisturizing treatment: A lip gloss is applied daily before bed with lip balm, coconut oil or petroleum jelly.
  • Treatment with drinking water: A sufficient amount of water is taken daily, which is equivalent to eight cups per day.


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