Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Treatment of warts

Is the warts of skin diseases in general skin deformation view, it is true they usually Matakhtvy of its own, but the actual problem lies in that it leaves scars and the effects of deformation of the skin and make appearance unacceptable.
Arise warts in the upper layer of the skin, as a result of the growth of skin cells faster than usual, after being infected with human papillomavirus, where these warts appear in the form of elevated patches of skin, with a rough surface, and with a small spot in the middle, is a capillary minutes responsible for feeding these warts.
It is noted that these warts typically appear the associated existence of an imbalance in the immune system in the body, because of the actual HIV infection human papillomavirus, which leads to a weakening of the immune level in the body .. Also, warts infection are frequently not contagious, but this is sometimes the infection can be transmitted from one person to another, especially as a result of direct contact between an infected person and these warts else has cracks or cuts the skin, where moves the causative agent of the disease, to spread thereafter through the damaged part of the skin, causing infection.

· In spite of these warts are usually Matzol automatically during the year, but it is advised to start treatment as soon as they arise, in order to minimize the scars that may be left behind after her disappearance, as well as to avoid the re-emergence of these scars later, and perhaps the most important of these roads therapeutic ..
· Acid Asalcelik topical: a base material consisting of aspirin, where the subject of warts is soak the area for a quarter of an hour at least, to be followed by getting rid of dead skin using sandpaper or stone paper pumice, then put the acid Asalcelik topical on the position of the warts twice a day for a period of 2-3 months.
· Freezing way: where liquid nitrogen is sprayed on the position of the warts, and the liquid nitrogen to freeze the warts, and thus removed during the four sessions at the latest, to be followed later put a little acid Asalcelik topical, because these warts disappear altogether.
· Moxibustion electrophoresis: and being under the influence of local anesthesia, where the warts are excised using irons electrical surgical, but the disadvantage of this method is that it leaves behind some of the simple scars.


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