Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Eating disorders .. types, causes and treatment

Constitute the TCA in the manifestation of psychological problems facing the broad cross section of people, especially women and adolescents, as the reason for this phenomenon to a combination of factors and causes combine to lead to this, these factors focused on the existence of a problem or discomfort and sadness .. etc., it is important that these things lead to a change in appetite, happen with these disorders.
eating disorders are divided into two main types .. They are:
· Ravenous nervous food "bulimia" and fever big huge ill to eat the food, followed by a feeling of guilt to deal with such large amounts, paid to try to vomit or take laxatives to empty fast food, play after large quantities to eat again, then vomiting guilt and try again .. therefore, IE is going on in a vicious circle of AFCAC them, unless remedied quickly and properly and effectively treated.
Loss of nervous appetite "Alonroxia": It is observed that infects lean or Almhosat agility, where the chorus sick from eating, for fear of gaining weight, which infects serious health problems is leading to high blood pressure, low levels of blood sugar .. in such cases should be treated quickly, even for complications Atzbb serious health problems that can lead to death.

And it supports the treatment of eating disorders mainly in psychotherapy and behavioral assessment, there must be some correct misconceptions among patients, especially those related to the issue of the appearance of food and severity .. etc, and to be through psychological sessions probing personal depths, and to identify the causative agent, which led to the emergence this disorder is, and try to talk about it, to simplify and clarify the facts, and thus solve the problem fundamental.
Besides being the correct eating habits, and follow the diet to ensure the body gets the necessary elements in sufficient quantities to perform various vital functions .. For shared use the drug of choice, which leaves "fluoxetine" use drug at a rate of 1-3 times a day to see a doctor and his assessment of the case and may give some antidepressants, especially in cases of nervous voracious food "bulimia".

Finally .. modern medical studies recommended that careful eating disorders patients in general practice, and to get rid of any psychological pressure, on the one hand, and to ensure the safety and health of the body, on the other hand ..

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