Friday, 3 June 2016

Eggs whole food diet for

Egg is a complete food because it contains protein, fat, vitamins, hormones, minerals and carbon hydrates.

Nutrition experts say that eating two eggs in the morning
Sufficient to give the body needs protein, vitamins, and this is equivalent to 350 grams of milk or 50 grams of meat.

And egg whites contain a substance antibacterial and has been instrumental in the eye, throat, nose
and ear diseases.

It is also the eggs of the most food materials used in humans worldwide. As well as it dealt with in the usual image in mycosis or dinner.

Eggs also contain choline, which helps brain cells develop and improve their performance, where studies have found that choline important to human health and the basis for a balanced breakfast.

On the other hand, can eggs help to lose weight and burn calories within the body if it is to control eating well.

Vwhith one day with toast, tea and vegetables at breakfast, helps in satiety and slimming.


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