Sunday, 5 June 2016

Important rules to get fit in a single month

The agility of importance Kerr in preserving the beauty and health, and there are a lot of rules that we must abide by in order to obtain the ideal weight with only followed in one month, and these rules are:

  • tnol Foods what you want, but in small quantities to maintain your health and to maintain your beauty.
  • amutir Exercise in Menttmh and persistent.
  • tnol Sufficient quantities of water at least two liters daily.
  • amutir Adequate installment of the air taken when your breathing.
  • aamadg Good food for the facility in the process of digestion and give a feeling of satiety quickly.
  • aptad From eating fatty foods.
  • rkz On boiled foods it is more advantageous.
  • ahtm We may enjoy breakfast of great importance in maintaining health.
  • amtna From eating foods such as Khalodk to sleep at least three hours.

  • amutir To eat green authorities It helps in maintaining the health and fitness and give a feeling of satiety.


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