Tuesday, 21 June 2016

What are the symptoms of sunstroke and methods of protection against the sun

With the sharp increase in temperature, you can feel you lower the pressure, fatigue and exhaustion
sometimes to sunstroke incidence race. Therefore, preferably in the air too hot to not leave the house, except in cases of extreme necessity. I decided to tell you the symptoms of sunstroke and how to prevent it and what do you do if you feel any of them For the benefit of them If you had to go out in this intense heat. Just follow the next few lines:
The signs of sunstroke are:
-pallor -Headache -Rapid heartbeat -Slow breathing -Dizziness or nausea -sweat -Feeling tired or muscle weakness or cramping in some cases
When you feel these signs, and you not have to feel better in an hour at most, you should go to the doctor Until you do not get a stroke.

Methods of prevention of stroke infection by the sun:
1. Make sure you wear light, loose clothing to allow your body ventilation and slut on dark clothing.
2. Wear large sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat.
3. Do not forget to put the sunlight protection factor to protect your body from getting sunburned.
4. Drink plenty of water until Keep your body temperature.
5. Park the car in shade Place and away from sunlight, do not leave your children in the car for any reason.
6. Always apply a drug to low temperatures in the bag. If you feel high temperature take it,  to dominate the incidence of stroke sun


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