Monday, 20 June 2016

The feeling of happiness. How it affects on your health?

Have you ever wondered about the impact of emotions on physical health? If you do not know, you
can put your self under test for several days and make sure that the result will be:
When you feel sad you will find your body prone to fatigue and infections easily.
On the other hand, when you feel happiness and joy you will find a marked improvement in your health and your posture.

I have a little search and found some interesting facts about the impact of the feeling of happiness on your physical health, so I wanted to share with them are:
1. Meaning of happiness reflected positively on heart health, feelings of happiness strengthens the heart muscle and prevents the risk of heart attacks.
2. Happiness to work to strengthen the digestive system and to facilitate the process of metabolism, which makes you feel slightly your body all the time.
3. When you are happy you able to sleep comfortably away from insomnia.
Positive person usually does not overtax himself in thought and to stay awake all night.

4. Happy feeling reduces stress and anxiety, which helps to calm the nerves and muscles of the body.
5. A sense of happy to keep your skin healthy and free of pimples, dark spots. As you know, the first causes of pimples are depression and stress.
6. Happiness benefits on health, it is also full of positive energy and enthusiasm which increases your productivity and your ability.
7. Did you know that the feeling of happiness strengthens the body's immune! This means that you will have little colds and flu and other diseases.
8. Happiness is natural recipe Disposing of headaches.
When you feel of happiness, the body produces endorphin, a hormone that helps relieve pain.

so be happy 


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