Friday, 17 June 2016

6 calisthenics you can do while walking on treadmill

to run half hour per day on electric walker continuously, it can make you feel bored. Electric still need to listen to music or watch TV while doing aerobic exercise, but if you feel that you can not or need more exercise to be more effective, read the following lines to teach you the different gymnastics you can do in practice on treadmill.

1. Did you know that walking on electric walker allows you to strengthen the muscles in your hands and, through carrying light weights and do some exercises. For example, you can hold the weight of 1 kg in each hand, so Spread your arms, then close them towards your chest. In addition, you individual your hands outward and attached back inside.
2. If you want to lose more weight in a short time and you're on the electric treadmill so start to change the speed at which you move. Any allocation between walking and running light, so you'll be able to lose a lot of calories and burn fat in a short time.
3. My idea doing exercises on electric walker or treadmill in different ways? For example, the propulsion with the side instead of walking forward? Yes, this is an effective way to lose more calories in a shorter amount of time the electric walker.
4. Squat Exercise is effective to tighten the thighs and buttocks muscles, so try to do that on your treadmill. All you have to do is take the exercise put squat, not your knees slightly bent and begin to walk one of your sides.
5. blanc Exercise is wonderful to tighten the muscles of the whole body, so it is one of the exercises that you can do on treadmill. All you have to do is take a position on the edge of an blanc electric "walker exercise", so that your feet on the floor and your arms on the walker and electric Start moving your hand one after the another, depending on the speed walker. Or you can practice the blanc exercise otherwise, who have to prove your hands on the floor and your body on electric walker and you will begin to move at the speed of your feet as you move everything to the back.
6. You can use treadmill in the work of exercises to strengthen the chest muscles and arms. Hold the treadmill and detach your legs so that they move them carpet. Keep your arms at the forefront treadmill Begin and pressure of your body slightly forward and then back again to the first position. Repeat this exercise as you wish


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