Saturday, 18 June 2016

Drink soy milk. Is it Benefit or evil for women?

There were conflicting Sayings for soy milk that has been beneficial to your health or cause damage to you in need. And where I am, people who suffer from an allergy to milk usual, and I think the experience of soy milk as an alternative food, I decided to share with you what I know about the benefits and soy milk disadvantages until you decide yourself if you want to try or not.
Firstly, the health benefits of soy milk:
Soy milk are important sources of protein, it contains all kinds of amino acids needed by the body. It strengthens the immune system and gives you energy and is a wonderful source of calcium and iron. Soy milk free of saturated fat, which is difficult for the body to digest, because it does not lactose so it contains a great alternative to cow's milk, especially for those with lactose allergies like me. The potable soybean milk instead of cows' milk provides the body with all the traditional advantages of milk without the usual damage.
Second, damage to the soybean milk:
Scientific research has found that damage to soy milk comes in limited cases are limited to people allergic to soy and women who were infected by the disease, breast cancer and also children. This damage is due to contain soy milk-like substance on the hormone estrogen, which can have a negative impact for breast cancer survivors, as this can cause an imbalance in the hormones for babies. Also, is harmful to soybean milk when combined with materials to sweeten (artificial sugar), which enters the body of excess sugars without nutritional value. So completely away local or soy milk enriched with flavors because it contains a large amount of harmful sugar and increasing your risk of heart disease.

From there, we discover that the secret to getting the benefits of soy milk, without damages to eat small amounts of it and not to overdo the use. You should be careful before buying soy milk to make sure it is free from any industrial sweeteners.
After that you know the advantages and disadvantages of soy milk on the body, do you decided to try or away from it?


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