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What is sinusitis and how does it affect a person?

Today we through this article from the site of my health we will give you information about this annoying disease.

Symptoms of sinusitis

Symptoms of sinusitis Sinus secretion of yellow or green substance or sensation in the back of the throat. Nose obstruction or congestion is a symptom of sinusitis which makes breathing through the nose difficult. The patient feels pain and swelling in the vicinity of the eyes, cheeks, nose or front, according to the infected pocket. The patient's sense of smell and taste decreases as he may suffer from pain in the ears.

Sinus sufferers suffer from pain in the upper jaw or teeth and may experience coughs that may get worse at night and are usually accompanied by phlegm with sore throat and foul odor in the mouth. Sinusitis feels general fatigue or trouble with redness of the nose and cheeks with high temperature and nausea.

Causes of sinusitis

The most prominent causes behind sinusitis include cold and flu. In most cases, the person is exposed to cold or similar diseases, causing a change in the nasal cavities lining it. Inflammation of the teeth also causes sinusitis. Infection and infection can spread to the sinuses of the sinuses, as well as fungal infections.

Treatment of sinusitis

One of the many treatments that exist for sinusitis first mention the importance of comfort to the patient in order to strengthen the immune system in addition to drinking fluids, including water and juice and mucus secretions and facilitate the exit and also avoid soft drinks containing caffeine and alcohol.

It is necessary to moisten the sinuses by inhaling steam from a container in which hot water vapor helps to relieve the pain and mucus secretions mucus. It is useful to put warm compresses on the face or around the nose, cheeks and eyes in order to relieve the pain. Wash the nose or so-called rinse and use equipment dedicated to clean the sinuses.


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