Friday, 14 April 2017

middle ear infection

what is middle ear infection

middle ear infection is one of the most common infections after colds, especially among children. It is necessary to treat this inflammation quickly so as not to cause serious complications at the hearing level in the child. So you need to know the cause of this inflammation and its complications, as well as ways to prevent it.

Cause of infection

middle ear infection results in bacterial or viral infection, followed by sore throat, colds or any respiratory disturbances. The bacteria in the throat and nose area are transferred to the ear where they multiply and cause inflammation. All people are exposed to this type of inflammation, but children are more exposed because the channel between the nose, throat and ear is the shortest leading to the accumulation of secretions.

Complications of infection

The delay in giving treatment, especially to the child, can lead to many complications, including affecting the ability of the child to hear, because the fluid that accumulates in the middle ear prevents the transmission of sounds. Delayed hearing can lead to delays in conversational ability and language learning. If it is neglected more, inflammation can lead to total deafness.


There are some things you can do to avoid middle ear infections, including avoiding flu and sore throat by protecting your child from smoking and avoiding breastfeeding as he lays on his back. Protect your child as much as possible from the cold so as not to get respiratory diseases.


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