Tuesday, 31 May 2016

6 Important Information about mental health

      Dépression, stress and other psychological problems that affect everyone from time to time, it has many of the most common reasons that everyone knows, but you know that fast food can be the cause of depression? Or that the tension that sometimes you happen may be caused by hereditary? These reasons may be rare and new for many of us, but the latest in the world of mental health studies that will identify through this article.

1-eating junk food can increase rates of depression

Public Health and Food magazine recently published a study that consumption of packaged baked products like croissants, donuts and muffin or fast food like pizzas and burgers associated with depression by 51% compared to those who do not eat those injuries foods.

2-interaction with the community makes it more flexible mind

According to a recent article in the journal Psychological and social sciences involved in various social activities such as clubs, chess or sports teams increases the resistance of the person to endure physical exertion and get rid of stress, because they increase the sense of belonging and importance of the individual in the community.

3-genetics play a significant role in the incidence of nervous

Recent studies in the field of mental health indicate that some people had lower levels of genes associated with stress and have the ability to cope with stress, and this can help in the assessment of risk for depression and anxiety.

4-healthy body healthy and reduces symptoms of depression

Another study conducted at the Hospital Mental Health at 203 to overweight women between the ages of 40-65 for a year after the woman reported that getting rid of excess weight Tkhalsn all symptoms of depression.

5-eat Omega 3 is useful in the treatment of depression

The omega-3 fatty acids available in fish, walnuts and flax seeds have many health benefits, in addition to its ability to help treat depression and maintain the health of brain cells.

6-over-anxiety affects the health of the heart and circulatory system

A study published in the Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health has more than three years in patients with depression, anxiety, stressed that patients with excessive worry that are more susceptible to strokes


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