Tuesday, 31 May 2016

What are the therapeutic feeding?

Considered therapeutic feeding of the main branches physicians, and relies on the use of foods to treat various diseases characterized by the therapeutic method without the other did not include any side effects, remember, so it is in the following lines , we will highlight the most important diseases that can be treated with therapeutic feeding.
· Asthma: Asthma can cure garlic through the onion soup, which is characterized by high levels of anti-bacteria and decongestants, it can also be used to reduce inflammatory reactions associated with asthma.
· Acne: The cabbage or cabbage rich in sulfur component of food, which are the most important elements of anti-bacterial component of acne as well as beta-carotene substance in carrots and Filafinoad compounds in mango fruit Tsema strongly in stimulating the immune system and skin, as well as the elimination of acne once and for all.

· Treating depression and sordidness: The black chocolate better food choices to treat depression because they contain large amounts of Altaobromain material, which urges the body to secrete endorphins compounds and serotonin, which is responsible for the feeling of happiness and tranquility .. in the same context, try eating oatmeal for breakfast, because it contains large amounts of vitamin B is responsible for the health of the nervous system.
· The treatment of back pain: in the case of chronic back pain resulting from inflammation, try eating red pepper, because it contains a substance Alcabassaasn, that article, which works to promote blood circulation in the instead of inflammation, infection once eliminated for all, and contribute to green tea in the same case, and through it contains antioxidants, which is working on a replacement of intact ones infected cells.
· Eliminate bad breath: It is recommended to eat parsley to eliminate bad breath, and you can improve drinking water in large quantities.

· The treatment of bruises: try to eat pineapple in cases of hematomas, as it contains material pineapple is the fragmentation of the accumulated blood in the position of the contusion, and the same context, try to eat a tomato, because they contain large amounts of vitamin K, which helps to stop bleeding.


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