Friday, 3 June 2016

German diet .. impressive results in a short time

With the spread of obesity excessive, particularly in the Arab societies, due to the prevalence of eating habits, and as a result some people turn to diets, "diet", in order to lose weight and get satisfactory, in spite of the diversity and difference of these systems, which numbering in the thousands, but most did not not receive success enough, but recently a simple diet afternoon, but in spite of its simplicity, but it carried an impressive and unexpected results, during a short time is two weeks only .. so it is in the next few lines, we will shed light on this diet, with exposure to some notes and precautions that should be followed to ensure the success of this diet hundred percent.
For breakfast they are fixed over two weeks, as consisting of: slice toast, orange fruit, a cup of coffee or tea without milk or sugar added to it.
As for lunch and dinner it is different for different days as follows ..
In the first day :

  • · Lunch: 3-4 fruits different from any kind of fruit, with the exception of dates, figs and grapes.
  • · Dinner: roast beef steak, some tomato slices.

in the next day :

  • · Lunch: grilled chicken quarter, some sliced ​​tomatoes, some boiled cabbage leaves.
  • · Dinner: roast beef steak, some tomato slices.

On the third day :
  • · Lunch: Grilled pork slice.
  • · Dinner: grilled fish, green salad platter, slice toasted bread.
On the fourth day:
  • · Lunch: a selection of fruit, with the exception of figs, grapes, dates, tea cups without adding sugar or milk to it.
  • · Dinner: roast beef steak, green salad platter 0.4-6 olive kernels.
The fifth day:
  • · Lunch: Tuna salad.
  • · Dinner: Grilled lamb steak.
On the sixth day:
  • · Lunch: quarter of grilled chicken, boiled spinach, add a cup of tea without sugar or milk to it.
  • · Dinner: 2 hard-boiled egg, a piece of cheese, fat-free, some boiled cabbage genitive some lemon drops leaves, slice toasted bread, a cup of coffee or tea without milk or sugar added to it.
On the seventh day:
  • · This is considered today as the open day in the diet, which allows on that day to eat any type of food, provided that it is in accordance with the reasonable quantities, is then re-shot for another week.
To obtain satisfactory results, it is advisable to apply this diet strictly, without foods alternatives mode, should also be prepared salads and vegetables without oil or salt or fat, can be used vinegar and lemon useful healthy alternatives .. In case of feeling hungry during meals are allowed only to eat carrots and celery.


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