Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The reasons for the loss of sense of smell

It is the sense of smell is one of the senses of five key, which can not do without them, they are one of the blessings that God has bestowed upon human beings, and any problem caused the loss of this sense, put its owner in uncomfortable problems, and perhaps the most common reasons that lead to loss of sense of smell is the common cold, which lead to nasal congestion and inability to smell, but there are actually many reasons and other health problems that lead to loss of sense of smell, so it is in the next lines, we will highlight the most important reasons that lead to the loss of these key sense.
· During pregnancy: the sense of smell is affected during pregnancy, this vulnerability can be severe to the point of losing their sense of smell temporarily, since the reason for this is mainly due to increased estrogen in the body , which in turn leads to inflammation of small blood vessels, such as the top of the nose, and therefore temporary loss of sense of smell, which ends after birth a few days occurs.
· Diabetes: in the case of high blood sugar blood at high levels, and abandonment without treatment aims to reduce the high rate, complications begin the gradual onset, and perhaps the most important of these complications are inflammation of the nerves and damage, especially the nerve responsible for the sense of smell, to be the bottom line loss of sense of smell temporarily or permanently.

· The use of certain types of drugs: drugs, in particular the treatment of hypertension as Ramberal and Aazabral property, it has been observed that these drugs contribute to the treatment of high blood pressure, but include some side effects, such as loss of smell sense.
· Aging and progress in life: notes that senses body deteriorates with age in general, but this decline is very clear about the sense of smell, and is usually due to a decrease in the fibers nerve connecting the brain center of smell.
· Teeth and gums: Recent medical studies suggest that inflammation is generally oral cavity may extend to affect the olfactory nerves responsible, and therefore gradual degradation of this.
· Direct head injuries: Sometimes it is convenient to perform direct head injuries to hit the center responsible for the sense of smell and found that the brain, the patient is suffering from the loss of sense of smell.

· Exposure to chemicals in high concentrations for long periods: detergents and bleaches especially chlorine .. etc ..


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