Sunday, 12 June 2016

Home recipes for foot problems

Taper away from health problems accumulated by a broad spectrum of people, as problems trivial health If Alaltvatalleha, yes it is, for example, typically do not lead to death, but sometimes it can be painful to the strongest painkillers as they can not to relieve this pain, so it is through the lines in the next, we will highlight the most important home recipes, through which can be removed by problems feet once and for all.
· Extract, camomile: used in treating foot ulcers, which are drinking this extract twice a day, can also be used in a warm Khamam localized foot, so that the average once a day before bedtime.
· Fortified with a few drops of olive oil, castor oil, and use this recipe in treating what is known as the "Alcalo" or others call it as the "toe nail", where massage Alcalo this mixture daily for 5-10 minutes, just before sleep .. may also be the work of a mixture of garlic and castor oil for the same purpose.

· Fenugreek: used widely for the treatment of cracked feet, where the ring drink infusion at a rate of 2-3 times a day, for the treatment of feet, broken ankles, especially cracking zone recommended in cold winter.
· Peel the bark of oak tree: It can be obtained from the Attar, characterized by very effective in treating cases suffering from the coldest parts satisfactorily, where they are crushed bark and boiled in water, then allowed for a sufficient time to cool down a bit, to be put in this marinade feet with continuous massage, the command is repeated daily until the achievement of concrete results.

· Onions: and characterized as mixed use, and perhaps the most prominent uses are cases of inflammation and minor injuries on foot, in order to contain similar natural substances in effect the most potent antibiotics, in cooking the onion and put it on the issue of injury at night before going to sleep, to be involved in an injury with a piece of clean cloth, leaving the onion slices until morning to be eliminated after that, and can repeat daily until the recovery is fully ..


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