Saturday, 11 June 2016

Health Benefits and Therapeutic Uses of Ginger

         Ginger one of the most useful herbs on the human body and the living organisms, it is a very rich source of antibiotics that work to get rid of bacteria and fungi, and the ginger is an effective anti-virus and infections, as well as it is stored for many of the vitamins and health materials as vitamin A, B and C and E.

Ginger is one of the most important medicinal ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine, many of the recipes on the blood and digestive system enters ginger in composition, this shows its medical importance, also ginger has health benefits for diabetics and blood pressure, and is considered one of the treatments of health problems related to women and undoubtedly is ginger effective remedy to the problems of the stomach and digestive tract

Here's more of the benefits of ginger:

1. an effective treatment for cough when colds and sore throat 
 drinking ginger juice helps to raise body temperature, leading to rid the body of phlegm that causes cough.

2. treatment to get rid of phlegm
 some people suffer from are significantly phlegm in the throat, ginger is useful in getting rid of this problem by eating a teaspoon of dried ginger, as you can boil the green ginger, then add honey and drink it at once.

3. Ginger helps to get rid of gas
 where the increased activity of digestive enzymes, and stimulates the secretion of bile from the liver material, thereby reducing the gases and digestion of proteins and fats well.

4. helps burn fat and slimming
 ginger improves digestive disorders that work on the smelter excess cholesterol, it also raises the body temperature leads to burning more calories, even though some doctors think that ginger effectiveness is not considerable ability on owners Overweight.

5. an effective treatment for morning sickness for pregnant women
 try chewing ginger This will give you Vitamin B6 With its effective impact on getting rid of nausea, but if you do Not bear taste you can resort to making powdered ginger or ginger juice.

6. Ginger works to improve the absorption of nutrients
 due to its composition rich in vitamins and antibiotics ginger benefit in improving the performance of the digestive system and get rid of stomach pains.

7. The improvement of the immune system
 ginger works to strengthen the immune system in humans and reduce the risk of  strokes by inhibiting fatty deposits in the arteries.

8. improve the natural flow of blood circulation in the body
 because ginger contain magnesium and chromium which are based to maintain blood circulation and prevent chills and excessive secretions of sweat.

9. treat pain and cramps during the menstrual cycle
 where the ginger to ease uterine cramps by reducing levels of the hormone prostaglandin, it also contains pain medication works to reduce menstrual pain.

10. Tonic for sexual desire in men and women
 research shows that sulfur, which fall within the ginger components have a positive impact in increasing testosterone in men, and ginger increases the sexual power of both marital.

11-strengthens the heart and protect it from diseases
 because ginger contain a large proportion of potassium and manganese, two of the materials that reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and maintain blood from clotting.

12. Ginger is very useful for diabetics
 where studies have shown that ginger's ability to increase glucose uptake in muscle cells without the need for insulin, it also affects diabetes type two in the long term.

13. a significant effect in reducing colon cancer
 where the study found that ginger positive impact in the reduction of cancer of the colon and rectum.

14. kills ovarian cancer cells
 in another study found that ginger ability to defeat a variety of cancers including ovarian cancer, because of its effectiveness in eliminating cancer cells.

Ginger many and many benefits, however, the person has to  know that God alone is the Healer, and if he met people of the earth are all the benefit you will not benefit you only with something that may be written by God, you, and if they want to Ed harm you will not harm you, but something has written by God, you, his regiment always supplication to God.


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