Sunday, 19 June 2016

Great diet for The best body ... Diet Points

If you really are looking for an effective way to help you to lose weight, so turn to the diet points, it is the best quick diet appeared in the recent period.
Diet points largely depends on the control system. Yes Seeing that you consider taking the amount of food the body needs per day, depending on your height and weight, and the extent of the physical effort you make.
What distinguishes the system of points, it does not deprive you of a particular food, but you can eat what you want foods based on specific points in the day. You can also increase or decrease the points depending on the effort expended, so diet points is better than the accursed species that will help you to lose weight automatically without depriving yourself of protein, vitamins and carbohydrates your body needs for metabolism.
But how can you work Diet point system?
First, the number of points by sex: 
for women is determined by 7 points, for a man of 15 points.
Second, the number of points depending on the length: 
if you less than 161 cm height is determined by you 1 point. If 161 or more, you calculated 2 points.
Thirdly, the number of points in function of age: 
12 to 20 the number of points equal to five.
21-35 of the number of points to 4, and the old 36-50 The number of points is 3, and the age at which more than this number of points as are two.
Calculate the number of points according to the effort day: If you have a big effort is calculated you 2 points, but if the business is dominated by the stand of the orbit of a point, but if you are sitting does not count your points.
Fourth, number depending on your weight points: 
For the appropriate points for your weight accurately, approaching your weight to ten, for example if your weight is 68 kilos points are six for this weight.
All you have to do now is to compile the number of previous points to calculate what you need per day, Diet points is similar to the diet number of calories.
Example: If you are a woman and your height 164 cm, 25 years old and weight 88 kg, the maximum number of points per day, you are measured as follows:
8+ 2 +4 +7 + (2 big effort to work)  =23


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